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Friday, July 15, 2011

Karnataka Second PUC Statistics Question Paper of March, 2010

Download Karnataka Second Pre University Board Statistics Question Paper of March, 2010 in Both English & Kannada Version | Karnataka 2nd PUC Annual Question Papers | Karnataka Second PUC Previous Year or Old Question Papers | Karnataka Second PUC Model Question Papers  | Download Second PUC Question Papers in PDF Format.

Below is The Karnataka Second PUC Statistics Question Paper of March 2010 & Download This Question Paper of Both English & Kannada Version in PDF Format.

Karnataka Second PUC Statistics Question Paper of March, 2010

Time : 3 Hours 15 Minutes                                                                          Max. Marks :100
Total No. of Questions : 42                                                                                Sub Code No.  31
                                    English Version 
Note :  i)  Statistical tables will be supplied on request.
          ii)  Scientific calculators may be used.
          iii)  All working steps should be clearly shown.
I.  Answer the following questions :  10 × 1 = 10

1.  Mention a source of vital statistics.
2.  The  price  index  number  for  the  current  year  is  121.  Give  your conclusion.
3.  Write the formula for computing Laspeyre’s quantity index number.
4.  Give an example for seasonal variation.
5.  Is mean of Binomial Distribution less than variance ?
6.  What  is  the  probability  that  a  normal  variate  takes  a  value  greater than its mean ?
7.  Mention a use of Standard Error.
8.  What is confidence coefficient ?
9.  What is the value of a fair game ?
10.  Name  the  control  chart  used  in  case  of  defectives  in  Statistical Quality Control.

II.  Answer any ten of the following questions :  10 × 2 = 20

11.  In  a  community  in  a  specific  year  4000  live  births  occurred.  In  the case  of  50  of above,  the mothers  died  due  to  child  birth.  Compute M.M.R. ( per 1000 ).
12.  Write any two limitations of index number.

14.  Define irregular variation and give an example.
15.  Under  what  conditions  does  Binomial  distribution  tend  to  Poisson
distribution ?
16.  What are the mean and variance of Standard Normal distribution ?
17.  Define size and power of a test.
18.  Mention any two conditions in fitting X^2 test of goodness of fit.
19.  If
what would  you  conclude at 5% level of significance for right tail test ?
20.  Define Linear Programming Problem.
21.  If  the depreciation  cost and  the  cumulative maintenance  cost  for  an equipment  for  the second  year  are  Rs.  10,000  and  Rs.  10,200 respectively, what is the annual average cost ?
22.  Mention two types of causes for variation in a manufacturing process.  

III.  Answer any eight of the following questions :  8 × 5 = 40
23.  From the following data calculate Total Fertility Rate :  

                                           Kannada Version

Click Here, To Download Statistics March, 2010 Question Paper of Both English & Kannada Version in PDF Format.


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