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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Bangalore University Banking Law and Operations Question Paper of May 2016

Here you can find out Bangalore University 2nd Semester B.Com Banking Law & Operations Question Paper of the year May 2016 & also you can download this Question Paper in PDF Format. If you are searching for Bangalore University Previous Year/Old or Model Question Papers, Question Bank or BU Question Papers visit Bangalore University Question Papers Section to download more question papers in PDF format.
                                       Details of Question Paper
University Name:Bangalore University
Course Name:Bachelor of Commerce
Subject:2.5 - Banking Law & Operations
ClassSecond Semester
Question Paper Code:MS423
Year May 2016
SchemeCBCS (2014-15)
Bangalore University Second Semester B.Com Banking Law & Operations Question Paper of May 2016
Section - A 
Answer any five questions each question carries two marks. (2x5=10)
1 a) What is a post-dated cheque?
   b) Define the term customer.
   c) What is Mortgage?
   d) List out any two features of an overdraft.
   e) What is Garnishee order?
   f) Give the meaning of material alteration.
   g) What is Non-performing Asset?

Section - B 
Answer any three questions each question carries six marks. (6x3=18)
2 What is Banker's Right of General Lien and when he cannot exercise it?
3 Narrate any six significant reasons for the dishonour of cheques.
4 Briefly explain any six functions of paying the banker.
5 Explain the different types of endorsement.
6 Write a note on the procedure to be followed in the opening of an account in the name of a trust.

Section - C
Answer any three questions each question carries fourteen marks. (14x3=42) 
7) Write the exceptions to bankers obligations to maintain the secrecy of his customer's account.
8) Explain the precautions to be taken by the banker in the opening and operating
  a) Minor's Account
  b) Joint Account.
9 Write note on
  a) Bank Overdraft
   b) Discounting of Bills of Exchange
  c) Letters of credit.
10 Briefly discuss any seven recent innovations in Banking Business.
11 Give the meaning of crossing. Explain the types of crossing. 


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