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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Karnataka Second PUC Business Studies of March, 2010 Question Paper

Download Karnataka Second Pre University Board Business Studies of March, 2010 Question Paper in Both English & Kannada Version | Karnataka 2nd PUC Annual Question Papers | Karnataka Second PUC Previous Year or Old Question Papers | Karnataka Second PUC Model Question Papers  | Download Second PUC Question Papers in PDF Format.

Below is The Karnataka Second PUC Business Studies Question Paper of March 2010 & Download This Question Paper of Both English & Kannada Version in PDF Format.

Karnataka Second PUC Business Studies of March, 2010
Time : 3 Hours 15 Minutes                                                 Max. Marks : 100 
                                                English Version
I.  Answer  all  ten  questions  in  a  sentence  each.  Each  question  carries  one mark.  10 × 1 = 10

1.  Name any one principle of plant layout.
2.  Write any one of the indirect channels of distribution.
3.  Who is forwarding agent ?
4.  Expand IFCI.
5.  State any one function of Stock Exchange.
6.  Name any one type of Bank Account.
7.  Who is an insurer ?
8.  Which is the slowest mode of transport ?
9.  Mention any one career opportunity in Small Scale Industries.
10.  Expand DBMS.

II.  Answer any ten of the following questions in not more than two sentences each. Each question carries two marks.  10 × 2 = 20

11.  Give the meaning of air-conditioning.
12.  Write any two differences between selling and marketing.
13.  What is an advertisement copy ?
14.  Who is a Bull ?
15.  What are registered debentures ?
16.  What is Electronic Fund Transfer ?
17.  Give the meaning of surrender of policy.
18.  State any two functions of transport.
19.  Mention any two types of warehouses.
20.  What is social responsibility of business ?
21.  Give the meaning of consumer protection.
22.  Mention two types of accounting packages.

III.  Answer  any six of  the  following  in not more  than  fifteen  lines  each. Each  question carries five marks.  6 × 5 = 30

23.  Briefly explain the types of industries.
24.  State any five objectives of advertising.
25.  Explain any five demerits of foreign trade.
26.  Write the importance of Business Finance.
27.  State the procedure for opening a Bank Account.
28.  State the social responsibilities of a business towards employees.
29.  Briefly explain the Rights of Consumers.
30.  State career opportunities in marketing.
31.  What are the benefits of E-commerce ?

IV.  Answer any three of the  following  in not more than thirty  lines each. Each  question carries ten marks.  3 × 10 = 30

32.  Explain various methods of remuneration to the salesmen.
33.  State the differences between home trade and foreign trade.
34.  What is SEBI ? State the functions of SEBI.
35.  Explain the various types of Fire Insurance policies.
36.  Explain the merits and demerits of Air Transport.

( Practical oriented questions )
V.  Answer any two of the following. Each question carries five marks : 2 × 5 = 10

37.  Prepare  a  list  of  any  five  products  and  suggest  suitable  media  of
38.  Draft a specimen of an Export Invoice.
39.  List ten stock exchanges in India.
                                Kannada Version

Click Here, To Download Business Studies March, 2010 Question Paper of Both Kannada & English Version in PDF Format


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