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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Karnataka Second PUC English of March, 2010 Question Paper

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Below is The Karnataka Second PUC English Question Paper of March 2010 & Download This Question Paper in PDF Format.

Karnataka Second PUC English of March, 2010
Time : 3 Hours 15 Minutes                                                 Max. Marks : 100 

Note :  i)  Follow the prescribed limit while answering the questions.
  ii)  Write  the  correct  question  number  as  it  appears  on  the Question paper.
  iii)  One  mark  questions  attempted  more  than  once  will  be awarded zero.
  iv)  For multiple choice questions choose the correct answer and rewrite it.

I.  Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each :  12 × 1 = 12
1.  Why did Blandford mistake the woman past 40 for Hollis Meynell ?
2.  Name the only survivor in the air-crash in ‘Girl gainst the Jungle’.
3.  Which is the lowest form of sin, according to Tansukh ?
4.  According to Sonnet 116, “.................... bears it out even to the edge
of doom”.
5.  On what condition did the villagers leave Joe’s house ?
6.  Where does the rabbit hide himself in the poem ‘The Rabbit’ ?
7.  According to Baba Amte, a leader is one who
  a)  leads himself
  b)  dominates others
  c)  wants to have followers.
8.  In ‘The Travel Bureau’ where does the travel guide live ?
9.  Who taught Sadir to Rukmini Devi Arundale ?   
10.  In  the  poem  ‘The House  by  the  Side  of  the Road’,  “brook-gladdened meadows” suggest
  a)  happy moments of life
  b)  unhappy moments of life
  c)  dark side of life.
11.  How did Kuruman Panikkan reward Melkkoran ?
12.  Which system of education gives importance to memorization ?

II.  Answer  any  eight  of  the  following  choosing  at  least  two  from  poetry  in  a paragraph of 80 – 100 words each :  8 × 4 = 32
13.  State  Hollis’  reasons  for  her  refusal  to  send  her  photograph  to
14.  Describe  the  growth  of  children  as  brought  out  in  the  poem  ‘Life’s
15.  Describe Juliane’s routine in the Peruvian jungle.
16.  How  is  the  conflict between Joe and  the villagers brought out  in  the
play ‘One Dark Night’ ?
17.  Why does Baba Amte say that Anandwan is a different world from the
outer world ?
18.  How  does  the  poem  ‘The  Travel  Bureau’  present  the  two  different
images of the travel guide ?
19.  Write a note on the activities in Kalakshetra.
20.  Why does  the speaker not want  to  ‘sit  in  the  scorner’s  seat’ or  ‘hurl
the cynic’s ban’ in ‘The House by the Side of the Road’ ?
21.  How did Melkkoran build the glass tree ?
22.  Why does Kie Ho not support the Indonesian system of education ?   3  
III.  Answer the following in about 200 words :  6
23.  Tansukh wanted to help both Kashi and the old man, but he couldn’t. Explain.
 “I  can walk on water when  I am drowning.” How  is  this spirit of  the woman reflected in the poem ‘I am not that Woman’ ?
 Rukmini Devi Arundale’s life was a many-sided splendour. Explain.
IV.  Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it : 10 × 1 = 10
 The short story entitled “The Axe” by R. K. Narayan reveals his concern for Nature. The story revolves around Velan who  lived  in  the ancestral village with his parents. An astrologer passing  through  the village predicted  that Velan would live  in a bungalow surrounded by a garden. It was difficult to believe, for Velan and his parents were very poor. The ways of Providence are strange. One day, Velan left his parental home in a huff and reached Malgudi. After sometime, he was employed by an old man  to  raise  a  garden  around  his  mansion.  Under  Velan’s  care  and attention, trees, plants and flowers sprang up. He lived in a hut in a corner of the compound. In  the  garden,  a  margosa  tree  was  particularly  dear  to  him.  It  was  the haunt of birds. The grand children and great grand children of  the owner played under its shade. Soon things began to change. The owner died and his sons occupied  the house  for a  time and  then rented  it out. No  tenant occupied it for long. The house, like Velan, showed signs of ageing. Velan’s hut  started  giving way. He  shifted  to  the  verandah  of  the  bungalow. The prediction had come true. He was the sole occupant of the big house. Years passed. No one came near  the ghost house as  it came  to be called. One day some people came and asked him to open the doors and windows of  the house. The  ramshackle  house,  they  said, was  beyond  repair. They had to pull it down. The garden so tenderly raised by Velan was of no use to  the new  owners. A week  later Velan was  told  that  the house had been sold  to building promoters. They would  soon start demolishing  the house and  cutting  down  all  the  trees,  except  a  few.  Velan  was  given  notice  to leave.      Workers started demolishing  the house and cutting  the  trees. One day he was disturbed by the sound of an axe. He saw  four men cutting down his margosa  tree.  He  could  not  bear  that  sight. With  tears,  he  appealed  to them, “This is my child. I planted it. I saw it grow. Don’t cut it down”. They said  that  they  had  been  paid  by  their  company  to  do  their  job.  Velan pleaded with  them  to wait  till he  left  the  site. The workers  stopped  their work. Velan  entreated  them  not  to  cut  the margosa  tree  till  he had  gone far, far away. Even after Velan had gone a very  long distance, the workers ould hear him,  “Don’t cut yet.  I am still within hearing. Please wait  till  I m gone further”. 
24.  What does the short story ‘Axe’ reveal ?
25.  Where did Velan live ?
26.  What was the astrologer’s prediction ?
27.  Why did the old man employ Velan ?
28.  Among all the trees a .................... was particularly dear to Velan.
29.  Who occupied the house after the owner’s death ?
30.  Velan shifted to the verandah of the bungalow because
  a)  he wanted to keep the bungalow for himself
  b)  his hut started giving way
  c)  he liked comforts and luxuries.
31.  For  the  new  owners  of  the  bungalow,  the  garden  tenderly  raised  by Velan
  a)  was very valuable
  b)  was of no use
  c)  was very beautiful.
32.  What disturbed Velan ?
33.  What did Velan plead with the workers ?   

V.  34.  Report the following conversation :  5 
  “Who are you ?” said Panikkan.
  “A mason. Melkkoran is my name.”
  “What do you want ?”
35.  Complete the  following by filling  in the blanks using appropriate form of the verbs given in brackets : 3 × 1 = 3 
Baba  Amte  ………………  (  move  )  by  the  miserable  condition  of Tulsiram,  a  leprosy  patient.  So,  Warora  Maharogi  Seva  Samithi ………………  (  found  )  to help  leprosy patients help  themselves. Many crippled social outcasts ……………… ( give ) shelter.
36.  Rewrite as directed :  1
  What do we use to travel under water ?
 ( Use the correct root word with the prefix to answer the question )
 37.  Fill  in  the  blanks  by  choosing  the  appropriate  expressions  given  in
brackets :  2 × 1 = 2 ( turn a pearl to a pebble, cast a spell, take into account )
 Tansukh  was  a  successful  broker.  He  was  able  to  ………………  on both  the  buyers  and  sellers.  He  was  so  skillful  that  he  could  ……………… or the other way round.
38.  Choose the appropriate linkers from those given in brackets and fill in the blanks. Rearrange the sentences into a coherent paragraph : ( One mark is allotted for the rearrangement of the sentences ) ( 4 × 1 ) + 1 = 5 ( because, which, finally, but )
  Melkkoran  met  Kuruman  and  requested  to  give  him  some  work.
Further,  he  described  the  glass  tree ………………  was  in  the  West.
………………  , Melkkoran pointed to the old and worn out Champaka
tree.  Kuruman  turned  down  his  request ………………  there  was  no
work  for him. ………………  ,  impressed by his description, Kuruman
ordered him to build the glass tree. VI.  A)  39.  Read  the  following  passage  and  make  notes  by  drawing  and filling in the boxes given below : 
 The Mid-Atlantic ridge  lies under the Atlantic Ocean covering an area  of  160000  kilometres.  It  lies  between  the  North  Atlantic Ocean and the Antarctic Circle. It is the world’s largest mountain range.  The  ridge  has  many  high  peaks.  Some  of  the  highest peaks  form  islands. The  Iceland and  the Azores  are  the  two big islands formed by the peaks. In comparison, the largest mountain range on the surface is The  Andes in South America. It’s length is only 7200 kilometres.
B)  40.  Write  a  letter  of  application  in  response  to  the  following
advertisement  which  appeared  in  ‘The  Deccan  Herald’  dated      
15th March, 2010 ( Write XXX for name and YYY for address ) : 5 
Wanted Teachers for High School Qualifications  : B.Sc., B.Ed.,  Fluency  in Kannada  and English.  Good Knowledge of Computers.
          Apply within 7 days to
          The Secretary
          Modern Education Society
C)  41.  Your  college  is  celebrating  ‘Sports  Day’.  You  are  required  to
speak on  ‘The  Importance of Sports  in a Student’s Life’. Write a
speech  in  about  100  words,  your  speech  could  include  the
following points :  5
—  Physical fitness. Mental wellbeing.
—  Sound mind – Sound body
—  Recreation
—  Sportive spirit
—  Name and fame
—  Job opportunities.
    The  graph  below  shows  the  percentage  of  students  choosing
different  courses  of  study at  the higher  education  level  in 1980
and 2000. Write a report in about 120 words.
 Code No. 02  8
VII.  A)  42.  What  do  the  italicized  words  in  the  following  paragraph refer to ?  4 × 1 = 4
      There  was  a  margosa  tree  beside  the  house.  Children  played
under its (i) shade. The owner died and his (ii) sons occupied the
house  for  sometime  and  then  rented  it  (iii)  out.  Velan’s  hut
started  giving  way  and  he  (iv)  shifted  to  the  verandah  of  the
      i)  its :     
      ii)  his :     
      iii)  it :     
      iv)  he :     
B)  Rewrite the sentences using the suffix given in brackets :  2 × 1 = 2
43.  This problem can be avoided ( –able).
44.  This achievement of students deserves praise ( –worthy ).
C)  Which collocation is more acceptable ? Write the correct answer : 2 × 1 = 2
45.  Binding force / joining force.
46.  Commit a mistake / cause a mistake.
D)  47.  Match  the  words  from  Column  A  with  those  in  Column  B  to form correct word pairs :2×1= 2

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