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Monday, February 14, 2011

Karnataka Second PUC Education Question Paper of March, 2010

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Below is The Karnataka Second PUC Eucation Question Paper of March 2010 & Download This Question Paper of Both English & Kannada Version in PDF Format.

Karnataka Second PUC Education Question Paper of March, 2010
Time : 3 Hours 15 Minutes                                                   Max. Marks : 100

Total No. of Questions : 40                                                                         Sub Code No.  52                         

Note : 
i)  Write  the  question  numbers  on  the  left  side  of  the answer-book.
ii)  Answer  the  questions  according  to  the  instructions given under each Part.
iii)  Answer the questions of Part – A in the starting page of the answer-book.

I.  Answer the following questions in one sentence each :  10 × 1 = 10

1.  What is learning ?
2.  What is forgetting ?
3.  Define the meaning of personality.
4.  What is group dynamics ?
5.  What is communication ?
6.  What is an Internet ?
7.  Expand IGNOU.
8.  Define the word ‘constitution’.
9.  What is Human Rights Education ?
10.  Who is the propounder of TQM process ? 

II.  Answer any ten of the following questions in two or three sentences each : 10 × 2 = 20

11.  Name the stages of memory.
12.  What is association learning ? Who is its propounder ?
13.  Find out  the  IQ of a child whose chronological age  is 10 and mental age is 10.
14.  Write the concept of Emotional Intelligence.
15.  What is group ? Name the types of groups.
16.  Draw a diagram of communication cycle.
17.  Name any two functions of University Grants Commission.
18.  Name the two sources of Educational Finance.
19.  Who are the physically and mentally challenged children ?
20.  Write any two universal declaration of Human Rights.
21.  Write the two functions of World Bank.
22.  Define the meaning of privatization and globalization.

III.  Answer any eight of the following questions in not more than a page each : 8 × 5 = 40

23.  Write the experiment of association learning.
24.  What is semester system ? Explain its merits and demerits.
25.  Define the word ‘intelligence’. Explain the uses of intelligence tests.
26.  What  are  the  differences  between  individual  and  group  intelligence tests ?
27.  Briefly explain the factors affecting on personality development.
28.  Explain the characteristics of a group.
29.  What  are  the  objectives  and  functions  of  National  Human  Rights Commission ?
30.  What  are  the  functions  of National Council  of Educational Research and Training ?
31.  Briefly explain the functions of the Central Government.
32.  Explain  the  advantages  and  disadvantages  of  Globalization  in Education.
33.  What  are  the  agencies  of  Quality  Assurance  ?  Explain  any  one  of them.
34.  Explain  the  concept  and  process  of  Total  Quality Management ( TQM ).

IV.  Answer any two of the following in not more than two pages each. 2 × 10 = 20

35.  What is teaching ? Explain the influencing factors on teaching.
36.  What are the barriers of communication ? Suggest remedies.
37.  What  are  the Educational  responsibilities  of  the State Government ? Explain the functions of DSERT.
38.  Explain the causes of Juvenile Delinquency. Suggest its measures.

V.  Answer any one of the following in not more than two pages each. 1 × 10 = 10

39.  What is thinking ? Explain the different types of thinking.
40.  What  is  Women  Empowerment  ?  Explain  the  strategies  of  Women Empowerment.
                                                  Kannada Version

Click Here, To Download Education March, 2010 Question Paper of Both Kannada & English Version in PDF Format.


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