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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Karnataka Second PUC Economics Question Paper of March, 2010

Download Karnataka Second Pre University Board Economics Question Paper of March, 2010 in Both Kannada & English Version | Karnataka 2nd PUC Question Papers | Karnataka Second PUC Previous Year or Old Question Papers | Karnataka Second PUC Model Question Papers  | Download Second PUC Question Papers in PDF Format.

Below is The Karnataka Second PUC Economics Question Paper of March 2010 & Download This  Question Paper of Both Kannada & English Version in PDF Format.

Karnataka Second PUC Kannada Question Paper of March, 2010

Time : 3 Hours 15 Minutes                                                                          Max. Marks :100
Total No. of Questions : 41                                                                                Sub Code No. 22
                                                                      English Version                                               Note :  i)  Write the question numbers legibly in the margin.
             ii)  Answer for a question should be continuous.


I.  Answer the following questions in one sentence each :  10 × 1 = 10
1.  Give the meaning of ‘sustainable development’.
2.  What is density of population ?
3.  Define blue revolution.
4.  Give two examples of cottage industries.
5.  Who is a bonded labour ?
6.  Expand BOLT.
7.  State the basic principle of co-operation.
8.  Where is the headquarters of WTO situated ?
9.  What is tax ?
10.  Who is the Chairman of National Planning Commission ? 


II.  Answer any ten of the following questions in about four sentences each : 10 × 2 = 20
11.  State any two differences between primary data and secondary data.
12.  Mention any four features of developed economy.
13.  Bring out the importance of education.
14.  What do you mean by multipurpose irrigation projects ?
15.  What is disinvestment ?
16.  Mention any four contributions of women in economic development of India.
17.  What is Infrastructure ? Mention its types.
18.  Name any four International Airports of India.
19.  Define call money market.
20.  Mention the major items of imports.

21.  Distinguish between current account and capital account  in balance of payment.
22.  What is budget ? Mention its types.

III.  Answer any eight of the following questions in about 15 sentences each : 8 × 5 = 40
23.  What is a table ? Mention its components.
24.  How  are  countries  classified  by  the  World  Development  Report  ? Explain.
25.  Write a note on occupational distribution of population in India.
26.  Write a note on watershed management.
27.  What is public distribution system ? What are its objectives ?
28.  Distinguish between manufacturing industries and service industries.

29.  Discuss  the  significance  of  industries  in  economic  development  of India.
30.  What are self-help groups ? Mention its objectives.
31.  Briefly explain the role of transport in economic development of India.
32.  Briefly explain the non-conventional sources of energy.
33.  What are the objectives of fiscal policy ?
34.  State the functions of National Development Council.


IV.  Answer any two of the following questions in about 40 sentences each : 2 × 10 = 20

35.  Discuss the composition and direction of India’s exports.
36.  Describe  the  National  Programmes  for  employment  generation  and poverty alleviation.
37.  Analyse  the  role  of  Reserve  Bank  of  India’s  Monetary  Policy  in controlling price inflation.
38.  Explain the sources of income of the Central Government.

V.  Answer  any  two  of  the  following  project  and  assignment  related  questions :  2 × 5 = 10

39.  Write  a  note  on  the  steps  taken  for  rainwater  harvesting  in  your locality.
40.  Mention any ten Railway Zones and their headquarters.
41.  By using the following data construct a pie-diagram :  

Name any ten public sector undertakings and mention their locations.

                                    Kannada Version

Click Here, To Download Kannada March, 2010 Question Paper of Both Kannada & English Version in PDF Format.


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